October 17, 2017

Hello world! In 1925, at age 24, my grandfather, James Mullan, left the UK to plant churches in the Congo. Five years later he returned with my Gran, Mary. They spent their lives planting churches in Africa. Just over a year ago my buddy Brian Glenn Scott and I set out to retrace some of their steps in the Congo, and visit the churches they planted. It took us more than four days of gnarly travel to get to Kipushi. We went to stand next to the holy fire that moved two young people from their homes and secure futures to other side of the world for the sake of the gospel. Tracing their steps with Brian turned out to be a mind blowing journey that I think has altered me forever. Over the next couple weeks I will share some of this story. Here is a pic of my grandparents James and Mary. They never returned to live in Europe again.